2021 year-end

The last day of 2021, what a year as the second year of the covid pandemic. For me, it's a year with the feeling of loneliness and powerless basically.

During this holiday season, most of the guys are taking a break and celebrating success. In China, the upcoming Lunar New Year getting closer and closer. Getting together with family and friends, but for some people around us, they may be involuntarily stuck in a state of loneliness and no reason to cheer, try to reach out to those with a little bit of kindly attention. My brother was detained at the detention center for several days recently, I am feeling angry and shame for him, what a ridiculous and stupid thing. Lesson learned from that: be nice and self-controlled.

Live is full of changeable, enjoy the unknown journey

I am trying to recall the most exciting and happiest moments in my past few years, one thing for sure is that driving into love with my ex. During this period of time, Trip to new city and exploring new things doesn't have a chance to do those things ever. She encouraged me when I am stuck in depression, to be confident and optimistic, most importantly, She teach me passion and responsibility are two key abilities in love. Everything has a but, ex is ex, this year is a breakup year for me, I sincerely appreciate everyone who travels alongside me during life-journey, short or long.

Working from home, took more time on keeping up mental health this year. I learned to swim this year and really love that. Workout can refresh my mind and recharge my body. Keep up the good habit.

Embrace change and uncertainty, pandemic panic keeps going, huge of the family is facing a financial crisis, depressed labor market, even worse, many lost their life. So far I can write and you are reading this post. Friends, we are lucy and have no reason to self-pity. Forget about those little bit chaos things in our life, something that can't kill up will make us stronger; Enjoy every moment that excited you, those un-forgettable memory is power for the rest of your life. INNER PEACE AND LOVE.

Money is very important but not all the thing

In 2021 Q1, I lose all of my cryptos in margin trading. It's not such a big deal so far. Big gains and losses experience, my psychology become strong and more peaceful mindset. it's an impressive lesson in my trading career, Thanks for this time volatility.

Risk management as first-rule, respect trading market. Write down and analyst each trading, find improvement room. Trading skill and psychology is all the thing but not money gains and losses in a short time. Trading is a long-time career in my life for now. Keeps learning and practicing.

Explore new paradigm for my future coding career path

2021 is my second year working in crypto firm as a Senior developer. I am keeping as top one contributor to the team's BE codebase. I love coding and implementing products used by users. Feeling excited and proud that delivery can improve merchants' business and cryptocurrency adoption matters.

2021 company coding contribution

When working for a company, Product ownership and delivery is my first principle. In Chinese old saying word - 君子愛惜羽毛(Reputation matters for a Gentleman). Most guys wanna be a leader/manager in a company, but it's not my goal. As a programmer, I wanna my product can help people. I don't like working in a large company, everyone seems to "dream smaller" and act as a performance outstanding guy for a manager but not be a professional.

My future career will not be limited to working for a company, in web3/blockchain space, I see the position for a massive individual contributor, the incentive mechanism is fair for every guy in this industry, the reward for your genius and hard work. I will keep more attention on distributing cooperation, DAO, etc ... in the coming two years, do more research and planning for my future five-year coding career.

2022 knocking on the door, here we go!

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